• 6th International Albatross and Petrel Conference



Workshop #1: Data Challenge on Behavioural Annotation
Organizers: Frederic Bartumeus, Zuzana Zajkova and José M. Reyes-González

Workshop #2: GLS data analysis: state of the art and future
Organizers: Yann Tremblay, Gaia Dell'Ariccia

Welcome Address

Hadoram Shirihai 

'What it takes to rediscover & discover 6 petrel species'

Keynote Speakers

Francesco Bonadonna 

'The Lords of the perfumes'

Thierry Boulinier 

 'Infectious diseases as a threat to albatrosses and petrels: from basic immuno-ecology to perspectives for conservation'

Vincent Bretagnolle 

'A quick overview of the forthcoming Albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters of the world: a handbook to their taxonomy, identification, ecology and conservation'

Paulo Catry 

'In for the long-haul: seabird travel plans provide insights into bird migration theory'

John Croxall 

'Seabird research for conservation: past successes, future prospects'

Tim Guilford 

'The shearwater's world'

Matthieu Le Corre 

'Ecology and conservation of tropical seabirds in the Western Indian Ocean'

Daniel Oro 

'What research on albatrosses and shearwaters can teach us about population dynamics of long-lived organisms'

Petra Quillfeldt 

'Foraging ecology and stable isotopic analyses in seabirds'

Henri Weimerskirch 

'Life time foraging and links with fisheries in albatrosses'

Andreanna J. Welch 

'New approaches to an old question: Exploring the evolutionary history of albatrosses and petrels'

Francis Zino 

'The start of the Selvagens Nature Reserve and the rediscovery of Zino’s Petrel'

Closing Address

Jacob González-Solís 

Students award & closing address

Updated October 11th 2016


Conference Will Be Held At

Paranimf de la Universitat de Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain


Local Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Vincent Bretagnolle     

John Cooper     

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April Hedd     

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Tony Martin     

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