• 6th International Albatross and Petrel Conference


Time Remaining to the Conference

Keynote Speakers

Francesco Bonadonna 

'The Lords of the perfumes'

Thierry Boulinier 

 'Infectious diseases as a threat to albatrosses and petrels: from basic immuno-ecology to perspectives for conservation'

Vincent Bretagnolle 

'A quick overview of the forthcoming Albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters of the world: a handbook to their taxonomy, identification, ecology and conservation'

Paulo Catry 

'In for the long-haul: seabird travel plans provide insights into bird migration theory'

John Croxall 

'Seabird research for conservation: past successes, future prospects'

Tim Guilford 

'The shearwater's world'

Matthieu Le Corre 

'Ecology and conservation of tropical seabirds in the Western Indian Ocean'

Daniel Oro 

'What research on albatrosses and shearwaters can teach us about population dynamics of long-lived organisms'

Petra Quillfeldt 

'Foraging ecology and stable isotopic analyses in seabirds'

Ewan D. Wakefield 

'Environmental causes of individual foraging site selection and fidelity in northern fulmars and other seabirds'

Henri Weimerskirch 

'Life time foraging and links with fisheries in albatrosses'

Andreanna J. Welch 

'New approaches to an old question: Exploring the evolutionary history of albatrosses and petrels'

Francis Zino 

'The start of the Selvagens Nature Reserve and the rediscovery of Zino’s Petrel'

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31st March 2016 extended until 10th April 2016 Closed
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 31st March 2016 extended until 10th April 2016 Closed
Decision about Oral/Poster Presentations: 31st May 2016
Registration Deadline: 10th September 2016
IAPC6 Conference: 19th–23rd September 2016

Updated September 8th 2016


Workshop #1: Data Challenge on Behavioural Annotation
Organizers: Frederic Bartumeus, Zuzana Zajkova and José M. Reyes-González
19 th September from 09:00 to 15:00
Those who are interested, please contact us by e-mail datachallenge@iapc6.info before 31st March

Data Challenge on Behavioural Annotation

Nowadays there are an increasing number of methods to infer putative behaviours from tracking data. For that reason, the criteria is not trivial to select the more appropriate method according to the characteristics of each dataset or the questions to resolve.
The goal of the workshop is to discuss and share the results from different behavioural segmentation algorithms in order to discuss pros and cons of different methods.
Participants will use a selected set of trajectory data, previously distributed by the organizers. We will distribute GPS trajectory data (together with GLS and activity) of a set of species in excel or csv format for the participants to work out their own behavioural annotation method.
The algorithm chosen for behavioural segmentation can be of any kind, both from the literature or from new creation. However, we will ask to constrain the results on the basis of some specifications. In the workshop we will all share our results, discuss the underlying assumptions, virtues, and constraints of each of the algorithms used. If we receive results ahead time (we will specify also an output format), we may show some comparative statistics among the different algorithms. You will receive further instructions in early Februrary with specific datasets.
We are open to include other potential datasets of interest from the participants as well. Upon contact please let us know if you want to share some specific dataset. If possible, the work done for and during the workshop may serve as a starting point for a manuscript to be published in a methodological journal.

Federic Bartumeus, Zuzana Zajkova and José M. Reyes-González

Workshop #2: GLS data analysis: state of the art and future
Organizers: Yann Tremblay, Gaia Dell'Ariccia
19 th September from 09:00 to 15:00
Those who are interested please contact Yann Tremblay yann.tremblay@ird.fr in early February

GLS data analysis: state of the art and future

GLS data are increasingly used worldwide, but this method leads to complex inherent errors. The first goal of this workshopp will be to understand the technology in details in order to better understand the sources of the errors. The second goal of this workshop will be to review the methods used to deal with these errors.
A selected data set of tracks will be provided for the participants to process. The idea is to compare the different methods and then to discuss the observed differences.
More than just running codes and compare the results, the workshop will be an opportunity to exchange experiences and to pinpoint possible improvement strategies.
In early February, we will select and prepare the dataset. Data and results will be shared to the participants.
We welcome your proposition to contribute data, especially if you have concurrent raw light data with Light-geolocation and/or GPS or Argos locations. Test data (tags exposed several days at a known location) will also be considered.
Depending on the contributions and the outcomes, we might consider publishing this work.

Yann Tremblay, Gaia Dell'Ariccia


Conference Will Be Held At

Paranimf de la Universitat de Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain


Local Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Vincent Bretagnolle     

John Cooper     

Maria Dias     

April Hedd     

Peter J. Hodum     

Maite Louzao     

Tony Martin     

Karen D. McCoy     

Vitor H. Paiva     

Clara Péron     

Richard A. Phillips     

Peter G. Ryan     

Matt Rayner     

Ana Sanz-Aguilar     

Scott A. Shaffer     

Abstract submission

31st March 2016 extended until 10th April 2016

Abstract submission period is over

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Until June 10th 2016, the refunded amount will be 70% of the total contribution.
Cancellations due to a rejection of an oral presentation by the scientific committee will be entirely refunded until June 10th.
From June 11th,no refund will be possible but name changes will be accepted up to September 10th.


Registration fares include attendance to the scientific programme, coffee breaks and lunches on Sept 20-23, and the welcome reception on Sept 19th. Registration fare does not include the Conference dinner.

Registration typeEarly Bird
(until March 31st)
(from April 1st)
Standard390 €490 €
Student**250 €300 €

**All students (undergraduate, master and PhD must send a pdf copy of an appropriate document to validate registration to contact@iapc6.info

Welcome reception with the presentation given by Hadoram Shirihai [free]: Description

Hadoram Shirihai 

'What it takes to rediscover & discover 6 petrel species'


That these are some of the Critically Endangered Seabirds (from right to left: Beck’s, Fiji & Mascarene Petrels) that will feature Hadoram’s lecture, in which he will describe his motivation: ‘refusing to believe in seabird extinction'

Conference dinner, followed by open bar and dancing night, 65 €: Description & Menu


Hotel Acevi Villarroel http://www.acevivillarroelbarcelona.com

From September 18th to 22nd included [prices per night]
Double room:   165€  //  Double room - single occupancy:   154€
September 23rd and 24th [prices per night]
Double room:   186€  //  Double room - single occupancy:   175€

Breakfast, VAT and Tourist Tax included.
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For cancellations or changes of name please contact, by e-mail, the Technical Secretariat: Reunions i Ciencia (iapc6@gruporic.com).
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After August 21st 2016, no refund will be possible.
Refunds will be made within 60 days after the end of the congress.



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Wellcome Reception

Date: September 19th
Site: Observatori Fabra
Transport: 30 min free transfer from the venue
  • 17:00 Registration & Welcome drink
  • 18:00-20:00 Welcome appetizer
  • 20:30 Opening talk by Hadoram Shirihai
  • 22:30 Last transfer
Price: Free


Conference Dinner

Date: September 23th
Site: Can Cortada
Transport: no transport provided
  • 19:00 Brief guided tour about the history of Can Cortada farmhouse
  • 20:00 Dinner
  • 23:00-2:00 Fiesta (open bar and dancing)
Space is limited to 150 participants
Price: 65€ per person



Tarragona pelagic trip

Date: September 19th
  • 7:00 Bus departure from Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
  • 9:00 Boat sails from Tarragona harbour
  • 12:00 Arrival to the harbour
  • 15:30 Arrival to Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
Space is limited to 50 participants
Price: 60€ per person

Tarragona pelagic trip

The Tarragona coast and the nearby Gulf of Sant Jordi are important foraging areas for seabirds thanks to the influence of the input of nutrients coming from the Ebro River. The area was included in the marine IBA Programme of BirdLife International and is also an important foraging area for the critically endangered Balearic shearwater during the breeding season. We sail along the continental shelf a few miles from shore, dispersing pilchard to attract seabirds. Regular species during this season include breeding species such as Common and Sandwich terns, Mediterranean shags and the rare Audouin’s gull. Wintering species such as Mediterranean and Lesser Black-backed gulls are also present at this time of the year. Balearic shearwaters are also seen but in small numbers, as most of them are out in the Atlantic Ocean during this season.

The price includes:
  • Fishermen´s light lunch (at 12h) provided on the boat;
  • White wine and fresh water included in the breakfast;
  • Bus transport from Barcelona and back;
  • Guide service of two local guides while aboard the pelagic;

For more information visit ausmarines.blogspot.com.es

Cap de Creus pelagic trip & Aiguamolls de l’Empordà
Date: September 24th
  • 7:00 Bus departure from Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
  • 9:00 Boat sails from Roses harbour
  • 13:00 Arrival to the harbour and departure to the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà
  • 20:00 Arrival to Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
Space is limited to 53 participants
Price: 60€ per person

Cap de Creus pelagic trip & Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

Cap de Creus is one of the hotspots for seabird migration in the western Mediterranean. The area was also included in the marine IBA Programme of BirdLife International. In this trip, we sail offshore from Cap de Creus reaching a submarine canyon and a fish farm. Throughout the itinerary, we disperse pilchard to attract seabirds. The trip should feature species such as gannets, terns and several species of gulls. Balearic Shearwater and Audouin’s gull are scarce in the area but might be seen. In contrast, Yelkouan shearwaters breeding in the nearby islets of Southern France are common. During the trip, we also have the chance to see European storm-petrels and cetaceans such as Bottlenose and Streaked dolphins.

Aiguamolls de l’Empordà is a wetland area situated 15 km from Cap de Creus. The ponds and marshes are rich in wildfowl and waders both during the breeding and wintering seasons. White storks are present in the area year-round and, as we visit the area during migration time, there are good chances of finding accidental species.

The price includes:
  • Picnic lunch
  • Bus transport from Barcelona and back
  • Guide service of two local guides

Ebro Delta & Delta Birding Festival
Date: September 24th
  • 7:00 Bus departure from Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
  • 10:00 Arrival to the Ebro Delta
  • 17:00 Departure from the Delta
  • 20:00 Arrival to Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
Space is limited to 31 participants
Price: 60€ per person

Ebro Delta & Delta Birding Festival

The Ebro Delta is the second biggest wetland in Spain. Its saltmarshes, lagoons, rice fields and bays host a vast diversity and abundance of herons, wildfowl, waders and other birds. Until recently, around 70 % of the world population of Audouin's gull has been breeding in the area. The Delta offers a very unique life-style, combining the rice agriculture and traditional fishing with a wonderful natural heritage.

Every year, The Delta Birding Festival offers a handful of attractive activities related with birds and birding. The program includes conferences, courses, workshops and the exhibition of products and services for birdwatchers.

The price includes:
  • Entrance to the Delta Birding Festival;
  • Picnic lunch;
  • Bus transport from Barcelona and back;
  • Guide service of two local guides;

For more information about the Delta Birding Festival visit http://deltabirdingfestival.com

Codorniu Winery and cellars
designed by the modernist architect Puig i Cadalfalch
Date: September 25th
  • 11:00 Bus departure from Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
  • 12:00 Arrival to the Codorniu Winery
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 16:00 Arrival to Plaça Universitat, Barcelona
Space is limited to 50 participants
Price: 70€ per person

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